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René Magritte


René Magritte Born in Lessines on 21 November 1898. For many people, Magritte's works are the first to come to mind when the surrealism is mentioned. Magritte created a world of well-dressed men in bowler hats (a staple of pre-war European dress still happily embraced by Brussels' corps of business men on trains) around whom odd things happen (toys trains coming out of walls, houses with faces, a pipe bearing the legend, "this is not a pipe") without ever breaking their compsure. In Magritte's world, the unconsious is fully conscious as in dreams and we simply see with emotions on new world existing all around us all of the time. ...Read more


signature René Magritte

René Magritte
René Magritte René Magritte  

René Magritte

    René Magritte  

bronze René Magritte




    bronze René Magritte  

"Surrealism is the immediate knowledge of the real"
René Magritte

  Ceramics René MagritteCeramics René Magritte

Illustrated books & catalogs

Books and catalogs René Magritte


The graphic work of René Magritte.
Catalog Raisonné of prints by Rene Magritte, by Gilbert E. Kaplan and Timothy Baum, published by II Editions, New York in 1982. Reference the rare original graphics of Magritte from 1962 to 1968. Twenty prints including 2 color lithographs and 18 etchings including 5 posthumous. Limited edition of 2050 copies. Read more


Books and catalogs René Magritte Books and catalogs René Magritte
Illustrated books by MAGRITTE

Books and catalogs René Magritte
Books and catalogs René Magritte




1972 René Magritte, Manifestes et autres écrits, avertissement de Marcel Mariën, Les Lèvres Nues, Bruxelles, 192p.
1976 Quatre-Vingt-Deux Lettres de René Magritte à Mirabelle Dors et Maurice Rapin, avec des lettres de Noël Arnaud et Georgette Magritte, Paris.
1979 René Magritte, Écrits complets, édition établie et annotée par André Blavier, Flammarion, Paris, 766p.
1982 The graphic work of René Magritte » par G. E. Kaplan et T. Baum, II Editions, New York.
2000 René Magritte, Les Mots et les images, choix d’écrits, Labor, Bruxelles.
Read more


Books and catalogs René Magritte
René Magritte
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