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Jean-Michel Folon © Didier Gicquel
© Didier Gicquel


Jean-Michel Folon was born in Uccle on March 1st, 1934. He has been leading an international artistic career since the 1960s. At the age of 21, Folon decided to stop studying architecture at the Ecole Supérieure de la Cambre in Brussels. Jean-Michel Folon devotes himself to drawing and settles in Paris. He is published in American journals. For some, he is the brand that brings him closer to Belgian surrealism, but Folon is an unclassifiable artist, his style imaginary. He wants to draw the big city, the way of life of the metropolis. Many newspapers and magazines have published and popularized his drawings that convey the message of modernity...Read more


signature Jean-Michel Folon

Jean-Michel Folon
Jean-Michel Folon Jean-Michel Folon  

Jean-Michel Folon

    Jean-Michel Folon  

bronze Jean-Michel Folon





    bronze Jean-Michel Folon  
Ceramics Jean-Michel Folon
  Ceramics Jean-Michel FolonCeramics Jean-Michel Folon  
Ceramics Jean-Michel Folon



I want to escape from labels. In reality, I am neither a painter, a draughts man, nor a poster designer. I am neither an actor, a writer, nor an etcher. I am neither abstract nor figurative. I do not belong to any school. I have no historical importance and it is not my aim to feature in any history of art.

I have invented nothing, since I owe everything to everyone. I do not understand my own images and everyone is free to interpret them as he will. I have only tried to capture my dreams in the hope that others will link theirs with mine.
Folon, Burcy, January 1979

Literature: Exhibition catalog 1980 Lefebre Gallery "Folon Recent works"
Read more

  posters Jean-Michel Folon

Illustrated books & catalogs

Books and catalogs Jean-Michel Folon


Jean-Michel Folon - 25 ans d'affiches.
Catalog published for the exhibition "Folon 25 years of posters" at the Municipal Center of the poster in Toulouse in 1989, 24p.

This is the second book exclusively dedicated to Folon's posters. Read more


Books and catalogs Jean-Michel FolonBooks and catalogs Jean-Michel Folon
Illustrated books by FOLON

Books and catalogs Jean-Michel Folon
  Books and catalogs Jean-Michel Folon  





1968 Giorgio Soavi. La Vita anche sentimentale di Folon, Milan. Milano Libri.
1973 Folon, La Mort d’un arbre, Geneva, Alice Editions; Florence, Alinari; New York, Barron’s; Tokyo Mainichi Shimbun. Aquarelles et texte de Folon. Lithographie en préface par Max Ernst.
1974 Giorgio Soavi, Vue imprenable, Paris, Editions du Chêne; Milan, Edizioni Domus.
1978 Folon, Affiches de Folon (préface de Milton Glaser). Geneva, Alice Editions; Paris, Editions du Chêne: New York, Abrams (new édition, 1983); Florence, Alinari; Tokyo, Mainichi Shimbun.
1980 Folon, Le Regard du témoin, Geneva, Alice Editions; New York, Abrams. Aquarelle et texte de Jean-Michel Folon.
1984 Hervé Gauville, Folon Aquarelles. Paris. Editions de la Différence, "L’Autre Musée" series.
Read more

Monographs & catalogs available

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Books and catalogs Jean-Michel Folon
Books and catalogs Jean-Michel Folon
Jean-Michel Folon © Didier Gicquel
BIOGRAPHY - (Archives: French | English | Flemish | Italian)
Jean-Michel Folon URBAN COURSE (The walks around Folon)
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